The Doll Hospital Rules and contact info:

This is a Private Doll Hospital.
Walk-ins are not allowed.

Your dolls are special to you, as they are to us. Each patient
will receive TLC (Tender Loving Care) at our facility.

The only "people" at the hospital are the staff, and our "patients"
We do not have visiting hours, since we do not want to expose any of our
patients to illnesses or germs that humans would bring into the hospital.

Our contacts are made via e-mail communications, and on rare occasion,
if deemed necessary, the Doll Doctor will contact you via phone. (The
Doctor's time is spent in surgery, rather than on unnecessary phone calls.)

After initial contact has been made, and we have agreed on what the
patient's needs, the length of the hospital stay, and approximate
charges, You will send the patient to us at the following address:

Dr. CeeJay, Doll Doctor
P.O. Box 34683
Las Vegas, NV 89133-4683

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Please send e-mail to: Dr. CeeJay
Doll Doctor, Specializing in Plastic Surgery
Please put DOLL INFO on the Subject Line

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