Madame Alexander Samantha
Doll Makeover

Cissette as a Sexy Sam After MakeOver

This is Cissette, she is One Of A Kind (OOAK)
Madame Alexander Samantha Bewitched doll MakeOver

Sexy Sam with her favorite teddy bear

Another picture of Sam with her favorite teddy bear.

Cissette as Samantha from Bewitched was a beautiful doll,
but lacked that special sex appeal before her makeover,
as the pictures clearly show.
Original Smanatha Doll

This original Samantha was another beautiful Madame Alexander doll when she flew
into town on her broomstick. But alas, Samantha wanted to experience life as a
"mere mortal" and decided that modeling sexy lingerie was what she wanted to do.
It looked like a fun career and would be an easy way to make a living, without
having to twitch her nose any more.

After her MakeOver, she decided that since she was going to live life as a mere
mortal, a name change was in order. So she now goes simply by SAM now.

On her first day working as a model, she was quite nervous. When the cameras,
equipment, and ALL of those strangers came out, she found it wasn't quite as
easy as she thought it was going to be. So her good Old Teddy Bear came to
her rescue, and gave her the courage, confidence, and support she needed.

Sam later confided in an interview that her little bear whispered to her that he
is totally naked himself, and it doesn't bother him one tiny bit. This helped her
be able to relax in front of the cameras. No more stage fright for Sam now.

Sam loves life in Las Vegas, NV, and feels that she has finally found her calling
as a fashion model, with lingerie being her speciality. Sam also likes to do a
little volunteer work at Dr. CeeJay's Doll Hospital, Spa, and Boutique, meeting
and greeting the new patients when they arrive.

Thanks to Dr. CeeJay, Sam has her new career. Sam says that working on
a volunteer basis is fulfilling and rewarding. She feels that it is helpful for
the new patients when they arrive. They can see what kind of results they
can expect with their own MakeOvers.

Sam says she does have to admit to the occasional temptation she has
about using her witchcraft, but realizes that her charm and personality
work just as well most of the time. She has even retired her broom and
witch's hat, except at Halloween time.

And here's the GOOD news!! A beauty like this will sell quickly!
Sam currently is available for sale, and will come to you with her sexy
lavender lingerie and her adorable little teddy bear. Please Inquire with
Dr. CeeJay and put SAM in the subject line.

She would love to go home with you. How can you resist a
beeaity like this?

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Here is a FUN page, where you can see Dr.CeeJay with the Silver
Anniversary Cissette from the 2007 Madame Alexander Convention.

Here is another beautiful Cissette MakeOver doll. Before her MakeOver,
she was a bored,desperate housewife. She also took up fashion
modeling after her new look. She currently lives in Michigan,
with her Mom and Dad.

IF you are interested in a similar doll, or have a special request, please contact
Dr. CeeJay and put OOAK Dolls in the subject line.

OOAK dolls can be created using your own doll, or I can supply the doll.
Each OOAK doll can have her own OOAK outfit designed just for her.
Dr. CeeJay and put OOAK DOLL or OOAK Outfit in the subject line.

MORE Madame Alexander make over web pages coming soon!

Dr. CeeJay is a Member of the
Madame Alexander Doll Club

Special requests, and OOAK Knit or Crochet Outfits for your 6.5" fashion Dolls
such as Topper Dawn Dolls, Pippa Dolls, JPI Starr dolls and similar sized dolls
are also available without the purchase of a doll.


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Twinkle's Before and After Web page. This is her Second Web Page.
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Another OOAK silk flower doll creation, the Tenko Princess of Magic Shonti.

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This is an ALL NEW web page with lots of new knit outfits.
Outfits available for sale, as well as patterns upon request.

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This is another ALL NEW web page with lots of new crochet outfits.
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Home page for Dr. CeeJay's Doll Hospital, Spa, and Boutique.

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