Custom Crochet Creations By CJ

These Custom Crochet Outfits are Hand Made to fit the 6.5" Dawn and Starr size Fashion Dolls.

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This page has some of the different crochet outfits which are for sale for these small fashion dolls.
Most outfits are OOAK, but similar ones can be purchased if any of these have been sold.

For those of you who crochet, many of the patterns are available for sale upon request.
When you click on the small image to see the larger version, you will find links to order the patterns.
All patterns are original designs by Dr CeeJay.

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This is a picture of Twinkle, a OOAK doll by Dr. CeeJay.
This shows the true 6.25" size of these little fashion dolls.

Elegant Black and Gold Evening Gown

Midnight Dream Gown on Twinkle Midnight Dream Gown on Dawn

Black and Gold Shawl
Black and Gold Shawl

Sexy Black and Turquoise Evening Gown,
with new design. (Click on Pic to see close up details.)

Black and Turquoise Gown and shawl on Twinkle

Fancy Evening Gowns:

Purple and Gold Gown on Dinah White and Gold Gown Dark Green Gown and Shawl

Special Dresses With Bead Work:

Red and Silver Dress and Cape White Dress With Blue Beads

Short Strapless Dresses:

Turquoise and Pink Strapless Dress Light Green, White Top Strapless Dress

Halter Dresses:

Dale in Variegated Purple Halter Dress Pink and White Halter Dress Sunflower Yellow and Black Dress Dark Green and Variegated Green Halter Dress

Halter Gown and Dresses with Shawls:

Pink Variegated Gown with Matching Shawl Multi Color Variegated Dress with Matching Shawl 2 Tone Blue Pink and White Halter Dress With Shawl

Blue Dresses, Some With Shawls

Blue Variegated Dress Blue Variegated Dress with Matching Shawl

2 Tone Blue Halter Dress With Shawl 2 Tone Blue Halter Dress

2 Tone Blue Halter Dresses With Shawls 2 Tone Blue Halter Dresses With Shawls

Turquoise Blue Skirt has NEW Design, with
two different styles of tops, and matching shawl:

Turquoise and White Dresses With Shawl

Twinkle's Day at the Beach

Twinkle at the beach Twinkle at the beach

Bikini and Cover-Ups are available in assorted colors

Dawn and Twinkle are modeling their Custom Canadian Dresses
with matching Shawls so you can see that the shawls go with anything!

Dawn and Twinkle wearing Canadian Dresses With Matching Shawls

As you can see, I LOVE the 6.5" Starr and Dawn dolls, as well as designing and making custom crochet outfits for them.
I also enjoy creatinging OOAK (One Of A Kind) makeovers on these little dolls.

As well as working on the little 6.5" to 7" fashion dolls, I also enjoy working on
Barbie, Barbie type, and all of the larger fashion type dolls.

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