More Dolls by JPI

These dolls were only probuced for two years,
and are similar to the Starr Model Agency Dolls.

FreshLook Petite Dolls by JPI

There were six different FreshLook Petite dolls made during the first year 2002.
There were eight different dolls made in 2003, and were only sold in England.

The FreshLook dolls have the same head mold numbers and bodies as the Starr
Model Agency dolls. The FreshLook Petite Dolls have a better quality of hair,
less make-up, and softer, more flexible arms than the Starr Model Agency dolls,
which were manufactured in 1996.

The Starr Dolls were also produced for approximately two years. It seems that
just about any of the miniature 6.5" fashion dolls were only made for two to
three years, starting with the 1970's Topper Dawn Dolls.

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