OOAK Chartreuse Green and Hot Pink
Knit Outfit with matching Beaded Purse and Jewelry

Close up of Dawn with Chartreuse and Hot Pink Outfit

This picture is of a Topper Dawn doll
wearing her OOAK Knit Outfit, matching
Beaded Purse and Beaded Jewelry.

This entire outfit can be purchased as a set, including the purse
and jewelry. Or you may wish to buy the outfit separately.

The purse and jewelry can also be purchased individually,
or as the Bead Work Set.

Full Length Pic of Dawn wearing Chartreuse and Hot Pink Outfit
Full Length Picture of Dawn wearing the entire ensemble.
The sweater opens up the back and has round beads as buttons.
The pants also have a back opening and a bead for a button.

The Sweater and Pants are knit with very fine yarn. There are
over 100 rounds of knitting on the pants from the waist down.

The Jewelry and matching Beaded Purse

Close Up Pic of the matching Purse and Jewelry
Close Up Picture of the matching Purse and Jewelry being modeled by
Dawn. The jewelry set and purse includes a necklace, two bracelets
(shown on Dawn's Right wrist) and the purse with another attached bracelet.

Close Up Pic of Dawn holding the Purse open
This close Up Picture shows how the Purse actually opens.
You can also see the clear elastic that attaches the purse to
the bracelet, which helps to keep the purse from getting lost.

Close Up Pic showing how the matching Purse is attached to a bracelet
Close Up Picture of the matching Purse with attached
bracelet. This purse and attached bracelet set is also
available alone without buying the jewelry set.

Close Up Pic of the matching Anklet
This close Up pic shows the matching Anklet
and the custom MaryJane style

Please note, any of the individual jewelry pieces are available as the
complete set, separately, or in any combination of your choice. (Prices vary)
The knit outfit can be purchased alone or with your choice of jewelry options.

Please send e-mail to DrCeeJay for prices along with your specific request.
IF your browser does not support the above format, send e-mail questions to
and be SURE to include DOLL INFO on the Subject Line.

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