Knit Outfits for 6.5" fashion type dolls,
such as the Dawn and Starr dolls

This page has some of the different knit outfits which are for sale for these small fashion dolls.
Most outfits are OOAK, but similar ones can be purchased if any of these have been sold.

For those of you who knit, many of the patterns are available for sale upon request.
All patterns are original designs by Dr CeeJay,

Here are some of the custom outfits which are designed and knit for these small fashion type dolls:

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Strapless Aqua Dress and Short Jacket

Auqa Dress And Jacket ~~~~ Auqa Dress And Jacket ~~~~ Auqa Dress And Jacket

Long Aqua Skirt and Top, plus Short Skirt and Sweater

Long Auqa Skirt and Top ~~~~ Aqua Skirt and Sweatet ~~~~ Aqua Skirt and Sweatet

Purple-Blue Sweater

PurpleBlue-Sweater ~~~~~~~ PurpleBlue-Sweater

Aqua Afgan on the soffa, and doll wearing the Aqua Fitted Dress

Auqa Afgan covering doll On Sofa ~~~~  Fitted Auqa Dress ~~~~ Doll On Sofa with Auqa Afgan

Crocheted Mint Gteen Cape, Skirt, and
White Knit MIttens worn by Glori

Glori Wearing mint green cape and scarf with white mittens ~~~~~~~ Glori wearing mint green crochet skirt and white knit mittens

Close-Up of White Knit Mittens

White Mittens, Close-Up ~~~~~ White Mittens, Close-Up

This is a picture of Twinkle, a OOAK doll by Dr. CeeJay.
(OOAK = One Of A Kind)
This shows the true 6.25" size of these little fashion dolls.


Visit the Crochet Outfits Web Page to see beautiful outfits which are for sale.
Patterns are also available for most of the crochet outfits.

Coming Soon, web pages with pricing and ordering info.
Until then, Please e-mail Dr. CeeJay, and put DOLL INFO on the Subject Line

Here are some Web Pages with OOAK Dolls by Dr. CeeJay

Twinkle the beautiful Starr doll.

Violet the Dawn doll Makeover of a "rescue" doll.

OOAK Silk Flowr Makeover dolls, created from Mattel Snow White Princess dolls.

Another OOAK Silk Flower doll. Shonti is a Princess of Magic doll, by Mattel.

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