It is a RARE occassion when it snows in Las Vegas, Nevada!!

December 30, 2003, SNOW

SNOW in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 30, 2003

Snow cleared Off Windshield

The snow has been cleared from the windshield of the truck in this picture.

the driveway is empty

The driveway is empty, "Dad" has left for work.

driving in Snow

"Dad" is driving off to work... now the REAL FUN begins at home!!

a Snow Angle

Do you remember making snow angels when it snowed?
We had enough snow that day to actually make a Snow Angel!

Frosty the SnowMan with the girls

The FUN CONTINUES. Twinkle and Little CeeJay put on their nice warm knit outfits, and
had SO much FUN building their own little Frosty the Snowman, complete with a carrot nose,
stick arms, little rocks for eyes and buttons, and even a hat made from a Dannon Yogurt Cup.

Visit the Crochet Outfits Web Page to see beautiful outfits which are for sale.
Patterns are also available for most of the crochet outfits.

If you like knit outfits, this page has Twinkle and Little CeeJay wearing their
knit outfits when the built their FROSTY the Snowman.
Plus, here are MORE beautiful knit outfits which are available for sale.
Patterns are also available for most of the knit outfits.

Here are some Web Pages with OOAK Dolls by Dr. CeeJay

Twinkle the beautiful Starr doll. She is wearing her beautiful Southern Belle outfit on this page.

Twinkle's Before and After Web page. This is her Second Web Page.
You can see what she originally looked like on this page. Sorry, she is not for sale.

Little CeeJay is Twinkle's "twin" sister, and she finally has her own web page showing her
MakeOver. Little CeeJay is a beautiful OOAK doll that is only for your viewing pleasure.

Violet the Dawn doll Makeover of a "rescue" doll.

OOAK Silk Flowr Makeover dolls, created from Mattel Snow White Princess dolls.

Another OOAK Silk Flower doll. Shonti is a Princess of Magic doll, by Mattel.

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