Peggy Sue2, Twinkle, and PeggySue
Three OOAK JPI Starr dolls

PeggySue2, Twinkle, and PeggySue

Twinkle was SO sad about PeggySue going back to New York,
we HAD to make a Las Vegas PeggySue for Twinkle!

After spending so much time creating PeggySue, we found ourselves getting
attached to her. We knew PeggySue HAD to return to her home in New York.
We didn't want Twinkle to be a sad little doll, so the natural thing to do was
to create a similar friend for Twinkle.

Twinkle realizes that the new PeggySue2 is NOT exactly the same as the first PeggySue,
BUT she is happy to have a similar PeggySue to stay here in Las Vegas with her.

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