Another Silk Flower MakeOver Doll
By Dr. CeeJay

Shonti-Front Beautiful Shonti Shonti-Back

These two pictures shows Shonti's transformation into a OOAK (One OF A Kind) doll, BY Dr. CeeJay

Original Tenko Shonti Doll

Tenko Guardian of Magic, Shonti
This is the original doll before her makeover.

The 7" Tenko Shonti doll, Guardian of the Magic, by Mattel was the original doll for this makeover.
As you can see, each OOAK (One Of A Kind) dolls has her own personality.

As well as doing makeovers on the 6" to 7" fashion dolls, Special orders are being taken for larger fashion dolls such as Barbie and Gene dolls.

If you are interested in purhcasing any of my dolls, or having a custom OOAK doll made, please contact Dr. CeeJay for further information.
Please put "OOAK Dolls" in the Subject line.

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