Twinkle LOVES the New York Yankees!!

Twinkle wearing her New York Yankees Hat

One of Twinkle's favorite past times is watching
the NEW YORK YANKEES playing baseball!

Twinkle loves to wear her custom Yankees uniform, when she watches the Yankees games.
Her Yankees shirt and hat were created for her by her favorite "Aunt Peg" who lives in
New York State. Custom Logo painted on hat by Dr. CeeJay.

Twinkle, a New York Yankees Bat Girl

Twinkle adores Derek Jeter. One of her biggest
wishes is that she could meet him in person one
day! That would be a dream come true!!

We live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and watch every Yankees Game on TV that we can.
We would LOVE to actually see the Yankees play in person one of these days.
If we could meet the team in person, that would be the ultimate!

Twinkle's first Web page, where she is modeling her Beautiful Belle Gown.

Twinkle's Before and After page, showing her makeover. It's hard to believe
what Twinkle originally looed like!

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