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Twinkle, the Southern Belle

Meet Twinkle, dressed as a Beautiful Southern Belle!

This is Twinkle, my favorite little Starr doll! She is one of the tiny 6.5" Starr Model Agency dolls.
She was "Starr" from the Prized Pets Collection by JPI.

CeeJay, a Las Vegas Fashion Doll Make Over Artist, (Dr. CeeJay) discovered these little Starr dolls while shopping for Barbie dolls at a local doll show in November 1999. Twinkle was discovered! It was her lucky day!!

CeeJay arrived home with "Starrs" in her eyes, envisioning the "potential" for this little Starr doll. And so the transformation began. After many hours of work, the "plain" Starr became the now beautiful Twinkle!

Close Up of Twinkle

Twinkle received "the works" during her make over. It included all new hair, her face complexion, new eye color (without the heavy blue eyeshadow), rooted eyelashes, redder and fuller lips, a teeny tiny gold nose ring, and even painted fingernails!

Twinkle has the typical CJ Signature behind her left ear, which is used on all CeeJay creations.
This signature appears on all of CeeJay's Makeover dolls as well as web page signatures.

Close Up of Twinkle' signature

This picture gives you a perspective of Twinkle's actual 6.5" size.
Twinkle is wearing a custom Crochet outfit by Dr. CeeJay.

Twinkle and Dr. CeeJay's hand

Twinkle's Before and After Web page. This is her Second Web Page.
You can see what she originally looked like on this page. Sorry, she is not for sale.

Little CeeJay is Twinkle's "twin" sister, and she has her own web page now showing her
MakeOver. Little CeeJay is a beautiful OOAK doll that is only for your viewing pleasure.

Visit Violet by Dr. CeeJay. She is a beautiful Makeover Topper Dawn doll that was "rescued"
from certain death, and turned into a real beauty. Sorry, she also is not one that is for sale.

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Here are some beautiful Custom Crochet Outfits by CJ, for the 6.5" Starr and Dawn dolls

Knit Outfits Page. You can purchase many different knit outfits.
Patterns are also available for sale for some of the outfits.

Here's a Starr Tree, my year-round "Christmas" Tree, done with Starr dolls!
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