Pictures of the Teeny Tiny White Knit Mittens
with the Mint Green Crocheted Outfit

Close Up of tiny White Mittens

In this picture, you can see Glori modeling the tiny
White Mittens with the mint green crochet skirt.
The mittens have a crocheted chain attaching
them together so they don't get lost.

Close Up of tiny White Mittens

This is another view of Glori wearing the tiny White
Mittens. She is wearing the mint green crocheted cape
that matches the skirt, a white crocheted scarf, and
her mint green boots to complete the ensemble.

Mittens are available for sale in other colors as well as white. The mittens
are knit on four needles. The thumbs are knit separately. Even though they
are tiny, they are difficult and very time consuming to make. Therefore, the
price for a pair of mittensrange from $25 to $30. OR the pattern is FREE
with any other pattern purchase. Please e-mail with your Mitten request.

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