Tiny Yellow Knit Mittens

Tiny Yellow Mittens

This is the very first pair of mittens I ever knit
when I was a little girl in Elementary School.

My Great-Grammie Fogarty used to knit mittens for all of
the Great-Grandchildren. She taught me to knit mittens,
knitting in the round, the way she made mittens for the
grandchildren. My Daddy took four of his finish nails to
make double point knitting needles for me. Daddy filed the
point down on one end of the nail, and then he made a knitting
point on the flat end of each nail, so I could knit in the round. 

Tiny Yellow Mittens
This is another picture of the tiny yellow mittens.

There was another pair of red mittens that I knit at
the same time, but they have since been lost. I do
still have the Tiny Yellow Mitens to this very day.

The little yellow mittens were quite small for a little girl
to knit, and I was proud of my work that I had knit them.

I am proud of the teeny tiny mittens that I now knit.
They are doll house scale, and are also knit in the round,
which means they are knit continuously, with no seams.

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